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Main research interests   

"Cancer Research Center" is one of the many research centers affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) and an affiliate of Cancer Institute of Iran. This Center was selected as the Secretariat for the National Cancer Research Network for two years in 2011.

Fighting cancer to the point of its eradication is the goal of any research center active in cancer research. Therefore, Cancer Research Center intends to find new ways for the earlier diagnosis, more effective treatment with fewer side-effects and prevent cancer by the help of researchers and interdisciplinary cooperation. In doing so, the Center would also welcome solutions offered for the goals worldwide to address the domestic issues.


» Vision

TUMS Cancer Research Center intends to lead research on cancer in the country by turning into a national and international reference body for cancer research in Iran. It also intends to attain the aforesaid goals by building appropriate health information infrastructure, training skilled manpower and developing inter- and intra-sectoral relations based on national needs.


» Mission

Cancer Research Center is composed of different research groups which together or inter-disciplinary try to promote all components of cancer control system, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and palliative and rehabilitative care and respond to questions raised in all areas of knowledge related to cancer as one of its main duties.


» Main research interests

Cancer Research Center has been involved in all kinds of research, including basic and applied research. Laboratory research, clinical trials, epidemiological and demographical research are currently in progress in the Center’s basic and applied research groups.

The research interests of this Center include: Health system research (HSR), especially cancer research system at national levels or on a specific population in the country, policy-making and execution of research projects. In this research to reality approach, the Center has paid special attention to scientific needs of the state and has prioritized finding solutions to the problems prevalent in the country. The center is ready to carry out mission-oriented research and involve in research on demand.

For a long time, educational and research activities have been followed parallel to each other in this center and the center finds it crucially important to have an effective role in training and developing talent, building capabilities and motivating students. The center has successfully cooperated with student research centers, especially TUMS Exceptional Talent Development Center (ETDC).