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Leadership or Administration
Head of the Cancer Research Center

Dr. Mohammad Ali Mohagheghi
Dr. Mohammad Ali Mohagheghi

Research Assistant Cancer Research Center

Dr. Kazem ZendehdelDr. Kazem Zendehdel

Research Council of Cancer Research Center

Dr. Mohammad Ali Mohagheghi   
Dr. Kazem Zendehdel  
Dr. Saeed Amanpour
Dr. Amir Hosein Emami
Dr. Isa Jahanzad
Dr. Peiman Haddad
Dr. Iraj Harirchi
Dr. Sanambar Sadighi
Dr. Afshin Abdirad
Dr. Mahdi Aghili  
Dr. Cyrus Azimi
Dr. Ramesh Omranipour
Dr. Ali Kazemian

Chief Executive

Dr. Azin NahvijouDr. Azin Nahvijou